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TOP EXPERT S.P.R.L. Services

We offer a wide range of services such as:

Administration and reorganization of companies in composition or insolvency process

With our specialists expertise in all economic sectors, we are able to evaluate different situations and systems in a comparative manner, providing precise answers and solutions regarding the management of assets and property management, personnel organization and company financing, legal conflicts, as well as environmental issues.

TOP EXPERT company’s management is provided in each department – insolvency, economic, technical, consultancy, legal and administrative – by specialists with great experience. A work team comprising lawyers, economists and engineers, led by experienced insolvency practitioners and a network of highly qualified staff in various specializations useful to our business, enable us to find efficient and legal solutions to all your questions. Our company is ready to implement its sound experience in voluntary and legal liquidation in all business fields.

The professional company, through its associate, collaborators and staff specialized in voluntary liquidation and judicial reorganization can present to you examples of voluntary liquidation and judicial reorganization. So far, TOP EXPERT has proved its capabilities to administrate voluntary and judicial liquidation procedures as an administrator/liquidator or as an associate consultant in case of important economic agents.

The company and its founders have been appointed as administrator/liquidator in over 1250 cases within the insolvency proceedings, up to now mostly solved, others being in the stage of completion. Our professionalism in the procedure of insolvency, the high level of debts recovery and the successful promotion of several reorganization plans under insolvency procedure recommend us to courts, creditors and debtors as the ideal option for effective collaboration. An important component of our activity is the extrajudicial assistance.

TOP EXPERT S.P.R.L. has become a valuable competitor with extensive experience and impressive portfolio of services and clients in the voluntary liquidation, mergers and divisions of companies, logistic assistance for prevention of the insolvency through viable reorganization plans.

The modern methods of general and financial management used in its owned activity are the basis of the management solutions appropriate adopted for the specific of each company whose liquidation is entrusted to us.

The activity of all teams is directly and continuously coordinated and controlled by the operational management committee of our company composed of practitioners with remarkable managerial experience.

The ability to identify and implement solutions to optimize profit centers and the experience in judicial reorganizations are a guarantee of effective management in the specific business environment in Romania.

The financial capacity of the company and its development over time testify the ability of our specialists to manage financial resources. To overcome the financial deadlock of its customers, TOP EXPERT S.P.R.L., as administrator or liquidator, may financially support the work of reorganization or liquidation to overcome the crisis and establish the first collections to ensure the smooth running of the business.

Dissolution and voluntary/judicial liquidation of companies

The results TOP EXPERT S.P.R.L. obtained in judicial liquidation, voluntary liquidation, reorganization, restructuring, privatizations and consultancy rely on a marketing policy having a series of studies based on specific techniques, these studies highlighting the relevant segments of consumers. This brings a competitive advantage to any company that undertakes activities of liquidation, reorganization, restructuring and consultancy.

Depending on the company specific and market conditions, a marketing strategy is establish by developing a marketing program that includes repeated advertising in specialized media (magazines, internet, national and international newspapers). Selling the assets of the companies in judicial or voluntary liquidation or of the companies in restriction of activity is one of the priorities of our profession.

The principles this activity is based on:

  • Legality;
  • Advertising;
  • Transparency;
  • Celerity;
  • Minimizing administrative expenditure;
  • Maximize revenue from sales.

The capitalization of assets is required by the law and consists of public auction or sale by direct negotiation with identified or unidentified buyer. To increase the transparency, speed and efficiency of our activity to liquidate assets through sale, besides legally-binding methods of informing potential buyers (local and national press or specialized publications), our company places the ads for sale on the internet site taking into account that this way of advertising has shown efficacy frequently.


TOP EXPERT S.P.R.L. is a professional company of insolvency, member of the National Union of Insolvency Practitioners of Romania, registered in the Forms of the Organization Register II under no. 170/2006 and one of the first profile companies in the country with a large and extensive experience in corporate insolvency.

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S.C. TOP EXPERT S.R.L. Braşov, established in 2002, provides audit services, tax and financial consulting and accounting expertise. It is represented by Mr. Brescan Marian, Administrator.
S.C. TOP EXPERT S.R.L., is a member of the Chamber of Financial Auditors of Romania certified by the Authorization no 794/17.12.2007.

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S.C. SERDRA S.R.L. Braşov, established in 1992, provides accounting expertise and tax and financial consultancy. It is represented by Mr. Brescan Marian, Administrator.
S.C. SERDRA S.R.L. Braşov is a member of the Body of Expert and Licensed Accountants of Romania.

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