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We offer a wide range of services such as:

Legal consulting

Besides its own team of lawyers and advisers in collective procedures, TOP EXPERT S.R.L. Brasov collaborates with several offices of lawyers specialized in different sub-areas of corporate law and its related fields such as tax law, employment law, intellectual property, administrative, etc. The team of lawyers and legal advisers who are part of TOP EXPERT team is led by experienced lawyers, the founders of the company and high qualified employees.

Advice on incorporation of new companies

Particularly for companies who know exactly what they want to make entry into a new market and need high quality and fast support. Within 6 - 30 weeks you can get to a team of 4 – 15 people that start working properly in a suitable location.

The objectives must be clearly defined and also the roles and expectations of the parties, duration, costs and the types of documents submitted. It is best to specify a budget, an organizational chart and a final example about what/how you want to be (from the image, market position, etc point of view).

Not knowing the specifics of the new market (legislation, bureaucracy, customary law, barriers - including language barrier) and the need for shortening the entire process are two reasons why you need high quality and professional support. The client may receive a "turnkey business" or assistance related to logistics, recruitment, accounting, etc.

Tax and financial consulting

  1. Internal audit consulting;
  2. Finance and accounting, examinations and investigations;
  3. Training;
  4. Consultancy on foreign investment in Romania;
  5. Corporate structuring of investment and commercial activities;
  6. International tax planning;
  7. Indirect taxes (customs and VAT);
  8. Individual tax and human resources consulting;

Performance improvement

1.Internal control;
2. Risk management;
3. Compliance with regulations and standards;
4. Business process optimization and organizational structure;
5. Management systems;
6. IT Management.

Advice on tax and fees

Our company provides consulting services on taxes and fees:

Corporate taxes

Our team has extensive experience in advising clients, based on the Romanian legislation and its interpretation by the tax authorities, as well as its interconnections with regulations and international treaties. Our specialists are highly trained to advise clients on the implications of taxes on investments in Romania. Also, our team makes recommendations regarding the planning and international tax structuring, mergers and restructurings, and can also assist clients in relation to tax authorities during tax audits. The services we offer include:

General recommendations on tax

  1. Analysis of commercial transactions and investments opportunity;
  2. Optimization of tax in relation to activities undertaken by clients;
  3. Identifying risk factors, reduce effects on clients' activity;
  4. Local tax planning and structuring;
  5. Recommendations on the tax payable by multinational organizations or groups according to local law.

Banking services

Counseling in terms of tax on different types of financing (loans, leasing, capital markets)

Examination of tax

  1. Estimation of overall compliance of the company with tax law in Romania;
  2. Assisting clients in relation with tax authorities;
  3. Assistance during tax audits;
  4. Advice on disputes occurred between clients and tax authorities.

Indirect tax

  1. Our company has reach experience in indirect taxes and customs procedures:
  2. Advice on VAT and tax examination;
  3. Support for standard procedures and rapid return of VAT;
  4. Assistance during tax audits;
  5. Recommendations on the efficiency of import/export operations;
  6. Implementation of temporary customs procedures;
  7. Implementation of approved exporter and simplified customs procedures;
  8. Recommendations for use of customs warehouses and free zones;
  9. Advice on intellectual property right, advice on obtaining licenses for import/export;
  10. Support in solving disputes and customs complaints.

Management consulting

  1. Identify effective business solutions for companies (adequate financing, development or resizing of activities, mergers/divisions/acquisitions, etc);
  2. Identify critical points in the companies that affect the cost and effectiveness of business and their solutions;
  3. Eliminate unnecessary elements and repetition in formalities, processes, regulations and procedures.


TOP EXPERT S.P.R.L. is a professional company of insolvency, member of the National Union of Insolvency Practitioners of Romania, registered in the Forms of the Organization Register II under no. 170/2006 and one of the first profile companies in the country with a large and extensive experience in corporate insolvency.

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S.C. TOP EXPERT S.R.L. Braşov, established in 2002, provides audit services, tax and financial consulting and accounting expertise. It is represented by Mr. Brescan Marian, Administrator.
S.C. TOP EXPERT S.R.L., is a member of the Chamber of Financial Auditors of Romania certified by the Authorization no 794/17.12.2007.

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S.C. SERDRA S.R.L. Braşov, established in 1992, provides accounting expertise and tax and financial consultancy. It is represented by Mr. Brescan Marian, Administrator.
S.C. SERDRA S.R.L. Braşov is a member of the Body of Expert and Licensed Accountants of Romania.

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