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Top Expert Team

TOP EXPERT S.P.R.L. team involves lawyers, economists and engineers, led by experienced insolvency practitioners and a network of highly qualified staff in various specializations useful to our business that enable us to find efficient and legal solutions to all your questions.

The team’s structure is the following one:

Brescan Marian – Associate coordinator – Insolvency practitioner

Mr. Brescan Marian, Economist, the team leader and coordinator of the Economic Department, has been acting as insolvency practitioner since 1996 and is certified to perform as tax auditor, auditor, accountant, business assessor, customs expert, trainer in the organization and management of audits firms, independent external auditor. By 2001, he worked as an independent insolvency practitioner, then as manager of SC Top Expert S.R.L. Brasov - the insolvency practitioner company which became Top Expert S.P.R.L. Brasov in December 2006.

Permanent collaborators:
Anda Dogaru
Mrs. Anda Dogaru, Lawyer, is an insolvency practitioner since 2003 and has an experience of more than 10 years in the legal field. Prior to her co-opting our company, she acted as an independent insolvency practitioner and was appointed as the administrator and/or liquidator in a number of 65 cases. She completed the procedure of insolvency in 33 cases, including reorganization and recovery procedure, 32 other cases of insolvency completed the portfolio of our society.

TOP EXPERT S.P.R.L. personnel:

  • Ene Cecilia Maria, Legal advisor - Insolvency practitioner
  • Stroie Nicoleta, Legal advisor

From the Sales Department - Valuations - Inventory are:

  • Bucur Gheorghe - member.


  • S.C. CEMI CONSULTING S.R.L. – representated by Emilia Sandu
  • S.C. ACCOUNTING & AUDIT PROFESSIONAL SERVICES S.R.L. – representated by Carmen Udrea
  • S.C. BCG AUDIT CONSULTING S.R.L. – representated by Beres Camelia Gina
  • Conescu Elisabeta Ana - Expert evaluator A.N.E.V.A.R - Insolvency practitioner
  • Pop Laura Elena – Lawyer, Insolvency practitioner
  • S.C. FIDOX S.R.L. representated by Panţel Ovidiu - Expert evaluator A.N.E.V.A.R
  • S.C. R.G.M. PROFESIONAL S.R.L. representated by Mihail Rădulescu - Expert evaluator A.N.E.V.A.R
  • Toma Maria Elisabeta, Expert evaluator A.N.E.V.A.R – Legal advisor and economist
  • Bacaman Liuta, Expert evaluator A.N.E.V.A.R
  • Hotea Maria Lily, Expert evaluator A.N.E.V.A.R
  • Sumedrea Cornel, Auditor, C.E.C.C.A.R.
  • Pfandl Alin Virgil, Executive manager,  Cadastral survey company;
  • Miclaus Gheorghe Ioan, Reaserch Engineer



TOP EXPERT S.P.R.L. is a professional company of insolvency, member of the National Union of Insolvency Practitioners of Romania, registered in the Forms of the Organization Register II under no. 170/2006 and one of the first profile companies in the country with a large and extensive experience in corporate insolvency.

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S.C. TOP EXPERT S.R.L. Braşov, established in 2002, provides audit services, tax and financial consulting and accounting expertise. It is represented by Mr. Brescan Marian, Administrator.
S.C. TOP EXPERT S.R.L., is a member of the Chamber of Financial Auditors of Romania certified by the Authorization no 794/17.12.2007.

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S.C. SERDRA S.R.L. Braşov, established in 1992, provides accounting expertise and tax and financial consultancy. It is represented by Mr. Brescan Marian, Administrator.
S.C. SERDRA S.R.L. Braşov is a member of the Body of Expert and Licensed Accountants of Romania.

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