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Serdra S.R.L. Services


S.C. SERDRA S.R.L. provides a wide range of services such as:

Accounting and legal expertise and counseling

The experience of our team professionals extends in both court and in-court plan. Thus, the areas of the activity achieved during our existence are the objectives required in the following fields:

  • Tax;
  • Accounting, organization, management and reconstitution;
  • Banking;
  • Industrial production, recording, evaluation and monitoring costs;
  • Customs in areas with tax breaks;
  • Investments;
  • Capital market, etc.

Consulting in crisis management. Diagnosis and economic forecast

Our mission is to assist clients in making the right step in improving the company’s management by providing appropriate solutions to their needs. Our company's activity is oriented towards the rapid growth of the economic profitability and shareholder support to regain a balanced company.

  • Mediation;
  • Training;
  • Support in management issues;
  • Identifying financial issues that affect the cost and effectiveness of business;
  • Proposal of solutions to reduce costs and improve efficiency;
  • Eliminate unnecessary elements and repetition in formalities, processes, regulations and procedures

Diagnostic analysis

It requires a specific set of analyses (detailed and holistic) on the structure (departments, functions), processes, portfolio of products and projects, performance (financial, marketing, implementation, etc), strategies, company’s policies to identify what can be improved on short/medium/long term taking into account its size, the stage in the life cycle, the strategy to be taken, and also the competitors (their level of development). Often it is enough to run audits to 2-3 positions/departments (sales, marketing, finance, human resources). Depending on the results, auditing is taken again (in detail) of extended to other departments/functions.

The diagnostic analysis applies to medium/large sized companies (or group of companies) (>5 Meuro) and more than 3-4 years of work that have already tried (on their own) a few remedies but without obtaining the expected results. Useful to apply when companies want:


  1. To find an impartial and professional point of view (complex experience and results in similar organizations);
  2. To quickly find a cause for the company to start a coherent set of changes/improvements (the results presented in the diagnostic analysis can be a map of needs to professionalize the company).

For a faster diagnostic analysis, to prepare anti-crisis. Very useful before costs reduction programs, especially when company’s actions during the crisis should not be unbalanced (only cut costs without clear communication actions, without specific actions to prevent sales decline, without seeking opportunities, without significant risk monitoring, without funding restructuring actions, etc).

The quality of the diagnose depends on the quality of the information available but also on the professional approach of the consultant (the consultant’s mission can be easily compromised in situations where management does not manage to get information from the organization). In such situations rapid actions of restructuring/turnaround are required.

The diagnostic analysis will detect professionally and independently the differences between what exists and what an organization should be (from the functions and departments point of view) and internal workflows, related to an organization's stage of development. After running the diagnostic analysis it will result a set of recommendations of improvement on short/medium/long term (taking into account the strategic priorities).


After the usual studies for new investments, SERDRA S.R.L. can help restructure the materials/information collected, either in one of the “standard” languages of large investment, or following requirements/preferences of different types of donors:

a) investments funds;
b) private banks;
c) groups of donors/financiers;

Many important business are evaluated and implemented in great confidence increased. In many such cases, the mode "retainer-success-fee" is put in practice.

Getting money from different large entities requires several stages of meetings/approvals from different hierarchical levels (e.g. funding - unions) for which it is recommended to make regular financial documentation first (and related studies). Only after being sure that there is an interesting opportunity for certain categories of donors, the plan/strategy - training materials/steps of presentation, negotiation are put in place.

Growth crisis

If there are great opportunities, but the organization has malfunctions and/or cannot grow fast enough, in fact top management (shareholders) do not really (enough) want some adjustments/changes to be implemented or to mix in the organization’s activity, there are few steps to undertake: a diagnostic analysis carried out by independent consultants, re-examination of the market (marketing/sales) and company’s strategy (short/medium/long term) in the today context.

Due dilligence/Special audits

Applicable within companies in a more advanced stages of organization which:
- have previously operated changes;
- have worked with consultants;
- know how to form a project team (staff participated in min. 4-7 training programs);
- can clearly define their own needs/objectives.

There are times when you want to check one specific aspect of a running business in Romania:

1) Is it possible to embezzle money from an organization – with current organization?
2) What are the main risks – current risks?
3) Why do we fail to implement a specific change?
4) What exactly is the situation in a particular department/function?
5) What do we need – comparing to the competitors?

Risks/Limitations: When information available/promised are no longer provided. When fear of change inhibits key people in the organization. When there are duplicities. Following the completion of studies/ audits we can find answers to questions such as:

1) Is it possible to embezzle money from an organization – with current organization?
2) What are the main risks – current risks?
3) Why do we fail to implement a specific change?
4) What exactly is the situation in a particular department/function?
5) What do we need – comparing to the competitors?

From diagnose to action

Professional consultancy management service to prepare for crisis. Thus you considerably increase your business chances, but you will explore other ways to strengthen your company on long term. The approach is:

What is the role of the consultants?

1) Facilitators of strategic and operational discussions, in order to identify risks and problems, alternative (possible) solutions, implications of implementing solutions;
2) Third observers: they can bring new insights or perspectives that are believed having no chances;

3) Experts: they will perform analysis of financial data/sales/marketing etc., they will supervise the development of scenarios, etc.
4) “Side by side workers”: the consultants will work with client’s management team to define a set of possible alternatives to overcome the crisis and to formalize a "crisis plan"

Your benefits:
1) You will get a set of action-oriented analysis that will involve key people in management team, which will help you after the consultants’ mission ends;
2) You will get a set of new insights, solutions to problems and even a "crisis plan" and you already begin to implement the first set of measures;
3) You will better understand the main strengths and weaknesses of the organization/business (financial perspective, organizational perspective, the perspective of sales) and you already take specific action in these directions.

Company restructuring/ Turnaround management

Today's highly competitive environment, coupled with the prospect of alternation of "eternal" economic cycle expansion and recession may put the most stable businesses in danger of negative outputs or runs out of cash and fail.

To successfully overcome the "growth" crisis (differences in the development of departmental/internal systems due to the speed to strengthen a company), a "strategic" crisis (business model which requires changes), a "profitability" crisis (non-optimized processes) or even a" liquidity crisis" (the acute/urgent form of crisis) it is necessary to act at the right time (time passes your detriment because it narrows the measures possible to apply).

It is applicable to companies with more than 5 Meuro turnover and one or more of the following symptoms:

- Ineffective management process;
- Declining financial indicators (stocks increased, indebtedness, inadequate funding structure - sources - low profitability), lack of control systems operations;
- Decline in sales or even explosive growth in sales;
- Increased dependence on a few customers,
- Loss of customer satisfaction;
- Ongoing activity without a business plan, etc.

Failure to define a clear mandate of the consultants’ intervention and medium and long term objectives, the whole approach may be affected. Generally this task requires the following steps:
1) Clarify the mandate of consultants;
2) Rapid diagnostic analysis of the situation;
3) Forefront of emergency measures;
4) Business restructuring (in financial, operational, organizational, marketing terms etc.)

Thus, you will benefit from the support of a multidisciplinary consulting team, from an “impartial eye” and no influence from various “power factors” in the organization, with experience in similar situations in an important set of companies that can provide not only advice, but also direct involvement in solving the situation.

Financial management and accounting works:

  • Assistance covering maintenance and processing records, based on invoices issued or received by customers, together with all documents and additional operations (revenue recorded by the cash receipts, receipts by bank documents recorded in the bank, etc.);
  • Works on keeping required records (journal register, the register inventory and general ledger), in accordance with legal requirements;
  • Preparation of documents based on expenditure and income for any specific period requested by the client with periodic reviews;
  • Assistance in preparation of VAT accounting records in accordance with legal requirements;
  • Preparation of monthly accounting balance or certification, based on existing documents;
  • Calculation of income tax / income;
  • Preparation of quarterly and annual balances in accordance with legal requirements;
  • Organization of cost accounting management for specific conditions;
  • Financial management and accounting;
  • Preparation of payroll, based on documents received from the Department of Human Resources;
  • Preparing and submitting monthly financial statements and reports (on payment obligations to the state budget);
  • Preparation and submission of VAT returns and taxes provided by law;
  • Presentation of financial and accounting situation to management and shareholders;
  • Providing tax assistance on business under contract.

Specialized assistance

  • Market evaluation of assets, companies, business - for sale, purchase, division, merger, reorganization, etc;
  • Business plans;
  • Feasibility studies;
  • Advice on incorporation of new companies;
  • Advice on financial strategies, financial analysis, feasibility studies for investment projects;
  • Assistance in obtaining loans and grants from various financial institutions; financing for business expansion, financing for constructions and development, investment in tangible assets (production buildings, machinery, equipment and machinery, vehicles), etc;
  • Advice on understanding, interpreting and law enforcement in areas such as economic and fiscal law, employment law, customs, etc.;

Evaluation of enterprises, capitals, movable and immovable property, financial assets

SERDRA S.R.L. has a team of evaluators specialized in industrial machinery and real estate assets (buildings and land), authorized by ANEVAR and IREXON. In our specific activity we used both the experience of our own assessors and external evaluators specialized in specific types of assets.

Our specialists have performed evaluations on an impressive number of assets in different categories, including the assessment of companies, both as production units for sale in bulk and separate assessment of all assets.

In all cases tangible and intangible assets are assessed - consisting of claims, right litigations, securities, etc. The evaluation team also works with the marketing team to provide an accurate image on the market value of assets, as well as to identify the best ways to exploit the assets.

Depending on the object assessed (company, assets, know-how, etc.) and depending on the recipient of the evaluation report (shareholders, potential investors, insurance companies, donors, state institutions, etc.) a methodology will be used (according to international valuation standards), so that the objectives of the evaluation should be achieved properly.

Tax and customs advice

When our customers require the preparation of studies to evaluate and assess business companies needing financial auditing operations - accounting or expertise, SERDRA SRL Brasov, has both its own specialists certified as members of CECCAR and the Chamber of Auditors of Romania and employees with extensive experience.


The services we provide are:

  • Consulting fees and taxes;
  • Studies and advice on tax issues;
  • Advice on currency regulation;
  • Advice on regulations for import and export activities (inward, passive, including exemptions from customs duties and VAT in particular cases) .



TOP EXPERT S.P.R.L. is a professional company of insolvency, member of the National Union of Insolvency Practitioners of Romania, registered in the Forms of the Organization Register II under no. 170/2006 and one of the first profile companies in the country with a large and extensive experience in corporate insolvency.

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S.C. TOP EXPERT S.R.L. Braşov, established in 2002, provides audit services, tax and financial consulting and accounting expertise. It is represented by Mr. Brescan Marian, Administrator.
S.C. TOP EXPERT S.R.L., is a member of the Chamber of Financial Auditors of Romania certified by the Authorization no 794/17.12.2007.

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S.C. SERDRA S.R.L. Braşov, established in 1992, provides accounting expertise and tax and financial consultancy. It is represented by Mr. Brescan Marian, Administrator.
S.C. SERDRA S.R.L. Braşov is a member of the Body of Expert and Licensed Accountants of Romania.

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